Feb 18, 2015

Who Needs to Wait Until Spring #Toorganize with @Toofifteen?

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As the snow continues to fall (as do our hopes of temperatures staying below -10 degrees) it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any closer to spring and spring-cleaning.  Why wait for a warmer season to start organizing and purging? Well, we here at DMC are starting our annual cleaning ritual early and we’re saying good riddance to clutter and good-bye to mess, all with the help of the very cool and very stylish, Toofifteen.

Sister’s, Ashley Botten an interior designer and Nina Jones a graphic designer, were inspired when working with the material Tyvek® and decided to collaborate on a line of industrial home products that organize life in a beautiful way. The way in which Tyvek® folds, its strength, weightlessness, its starkness and brightness motivated the duo to create Toofifteen – a collection of bins, pouches and made-to-order poufs.

 The collection of Tyvek® products is the perfect solution to store all you the things that survived your clutter cleanse. The best part is – the bins and pouches can be personalized – making everything you tuck away easy to find. Toofifteen is reimagining the durable, non-toxic, recyclable, waterproof material of Tyvek® for home organization and DMC is happy to reap the benefits!