Feb 2, 2016

Peter Jensen's “Thriving in a 24-7 World” Book Tour

We live in a world of increasing demands, yet the amount of hours in a day remains the same. How can we keep up and manage it all?

Dr. Peter Jensen’s new book “Thriving in a 24-7 World” answers this exact question. It is an energizing tale about growing through the different pressure and demands we face daily. Whether you are an elite athlete or business professional, Jensen explores a fictional story of a man who helps those in different high-pressure environments. He teaches them critical energy management skills to lead more enjoyable, less stressful lives without sacrificing achievement.

Rooted in Jensen’s own experience working with 70 Olympic medalists across eight Olympic Games and teaching at the Queen’s Smith School of Business, “Thriving in a 24-7 World” tells the story of Ken Coghill, a sixty-eight year old sports psychologist and how he introduces the world of energy management to three distinct groups, an elite basketball team, high performers at an IT firm and callers to his weekly radio show.
Ken demonstrates how some simple skills can be applied in different situations and how they are critical to achieving excellence in high pressure and performance environments.

As part of the launch of Jensen’s new book “Thriving in a 24-7 World”, he will be bringing the #Thriving247 message across Canada in partnership with Queen's Smith School of Business.

Jan. 28 - Toronto - Board of Trade
Feb. 2 - Ottawa - Westin Hotel Ottawa
Feb. 4 - Halifax - The Westin Nova Scotian
Feb. 9 - Vancouver - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Feb. 10 - Calgary - The Calgary Petroleum Club
Feb. 11 - Edmonton - Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

We hope you can join us at an event near you! For more information about the book tour, please visit: http://bit.ly/20Ejt7T