Sep 4, 2013

Iconic Canadian Designers Collaboration, Fall 2013

Category : Fashion | Tags : anniversary, Canadian, Roots, Smythe

In a match made in Canadian design heaven, the duo behind the highly coveted label Smythe are joining forces with Diane Bald and the team at Roots. The two brands have collaborated in celebration of Roots' 40th anniversary to produce a limited-edition leather bomber jacket that will be available for sale exclusively though Roots stores in Canada and the US starting September 7, 2013.

The jacket is a re-issued style from Smythe‚Äôs 2008 Fall Collection, updated in Roots leather, using Smythe's renowned craftsmanship to create this classic black bomber. And may we just say - if there is something that might take the bite out of the final days of our short lived summer, it's a flawlessly tailored and ultra chic leather jacket. 

Congratulations to the teams and a very happy 40th anniversary to Roots!