Mar 10, 2016

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2016 Rankings

On March 1st, chefs, restaurateurs, critics and tastemakers were invited to celebrate the launch of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants magazine’s second annual ranking issue at Nota Bene.

The evening was filled with some of the restaurant world’s most celebrated individuals and Toronto’s most notable figures, from “most innovative” chef Justin Leboe to Jacob Richler, Jeanne Beker and Bar Isabel’s very own Gran van Gameren.

More than just a restaurant guide, the 2nd annual Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants magazine is dedicated to shaping and driving the conversation about what a good restaurant should be.  The standings reflect a consensus of diverse, smart and informed opinions from over 72 judges that include Canada’s top chefs, restaurateurs, journalists and members of the food industry. The rankings were tabulated by KPMG though a formal process and the results offer a range of both expected and unexpected recognitions.

Now, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises so we won’t reveal the complete list to you here, but we’ll definitely give you a sneak peek. In the issue you can expect to find some quintessential Toronto spots like Bar Buca, Dandylion and Alo by Chef Patrick Kriss. Rounding out the list is Toque!, Hawksworth Restaurant, Fogo Island Inn and Model Milk by Chef Justin Leboe.

Be sure to pick up the new issue at your local newsstands on March 15 and let us know if your favourites made the list!

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