Jul 5, 2012

“KICK ME” For a Good Cause

Category : Fashion, Retail | Tags : Smythe

Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe, co-founders of Smythe, have aligned themselves with those who fight against ignorance and intolerance and have created The Warbler Tribute Blazer, a black and garnet striped jacket with ¾ length sleeves and traditional brass buttons.

The Warbler Tribute Blazer complete with a hang tag that reads “KICK ME” is a playful take on the traditional schoolboy blazer and a nod to the social and gender equality themes addressed on the hit tv show Glee and is named after the singing group at Dalton Academy, where blazers are part of the schoolboys’ uniform.

As huge fans of Smythe and the show (great news Gleeks, we just heard that ALL of the cast are coming back for the 4th season!),  this makes us proud knowing that a portion of each Warbler Tribute Blazer sold will be donated to anti-bullying initiatives in Canada and the US.

The jacket is available in stores at the beginning of August.